How To Find Your Saved Wifi Password

Once you have saved a wifi password, it can be difficult to remember where you stored it. Fortunately, there are a few simple steps you can take to easily find your saved wifi passwords

How to View Saved WiFi Passwords on Windows 7, 8, & 10

First, open up the Control Panel in Windows (Start > Control Panel). Then choose Network and Internet >Network and Sharing Center. In the left hand menu, click on Manage Wireless Networks. This will open up a list of all of the networks that have been stored on your device

If you’re using a Mac device, go to System Preferences and select Network. Select ‘Advanced’ in the lower right corner and then select the ‘AirPort’ tab at the top of the window. You will be presented with a list of the networks you have connected to in the past

Once you find the network you are looking for, right click on it and choose ‘Properties’. This will bring up a window with all of the details about that particular network including its security type (e.g., WEP or WPA2) and most importantly, its password. You can now copy this password to use on other devices or save it somewhere secure so you don’t forget it again!

By following these steps, finding your saved wifi passwords shouldn’t be too difficult. Remember to keep them safe and secure though, as anyone who has access to them can join your network without needing permission from you!

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